Mariya J

Hello there!

Welcome to my online store for my 1st book. I'm so excited that you are here. Thank you so much for joining my       author adventure.

Mariya's Story

I entered a writing contest at school. No one entered except me and I was declared the winner. At first I thought that was it for me as far as writing, but it wasn't.

My dad's friend from work saw the video my parents posted on YouTube and as an author herself...thought that my story could be something special. Little did I know she was spot on and this is how my first ever story, Lucile and the BIG RACE grew wings. I am very thankful to Miss LaChelle who refers to me as her little sister scribe. Her kindness and hardwork has gotten me here. I plan to fly and am glad that you are here to take this journey with me.

About the Author

Mariya Hunter

Mariya is an 11-year old rising middle school with spunk and tons of energy. She enjoys reading, writing, and playing video games. A typical kid that was born at only 3 lbs, 7 oz.